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We are a young German service company  based near Frankfurt – Germany with the objective to provide best and affordable service to all our clients. We feel proud to mention that we are one stop shop for all your needs. Our dedicated team of professionals are committed to excellence in our services and work towards delivering high quality experience to our customers. Established in 2008 we have made an impact with all our customers across the globe and look forward to improving everyday.

We widely offer a variety of services to our clients across the universe. We offer a wide range of services some of them would be:


We offfer individual training courses for your designers at your office for one or two days.
We also provide online session via screen share for a special topics or requests.



buy FINALE directly from us ! We give you an expert consultation before you buy and an excellent support for all your questions so you get a good start when you begin to work with FINALE.


Effect programming

We also help you to import existing effects and create the right simulation out of this descriptions for your personal database or for a catalog that can be implemented in FINALE and be used by your customers


First level support

With over 10 years of Finale experience and close partnership with FINALE|Fireworks we can give you an excellent and  fast first level support for all questions an problems.


Pattern Shootings

With our own developed software we offer you a service  to create scripts for pattern shootings like simpe hearts or complex logos or pictures of your customer for you.



 Working with one of our acclaimed international show designers and, if required, musical consultants, we will create a show that reflects your ideas and visions– turning it into an unforgettable high quality show.



Import inventory

We take your company’s inventory from whatever record system it is in (Finale Business, Excel, Access, ShowDirector, etc.) and convert it to a 3D inventory, including the effect programming.



You need a high quality soundtrack for your next show ? With our professional studio audio  equipment we are able to edit your requested music tracks to a great and fluent soundtracks without any hard breaks in a professional quality.


Free Services

We provide a free tool that allows you the creation of (complex) cakes.
With this tool it is easy even to define complex cakes with different shooting patterns for every row and allows you to define an excact timing without learning the vdl description language for cakes. It is also possible to create comet pattern shhotings with our tool.


If you want to learn the basics of FINALE 3d you should visit our FINALE 3D masterclass youtube channel with over 50 videos that explain how to use different features of the software.


We organize a great conference for pyros to catch up with the industry standards.Exhibit new technologies and learn advanced techniques in Finale 3D – connect with industry leaders, learn from expert speakers, and engage in thought-provoking discussions. – Meet pyrotechnicans from all over the world and extend your network. 

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CEO FINALE|Fireworks

Happy Clients

Our clients praise us for our great results, personable service, expert knowledge and on-time delivery. Here are what just a few of them had to say:

“With the  project support from PyroOffice we planned the first price winnig Pyronale fireworksshow. The amazing service helped us to provide the needed effect simualtions and programmed the firing system in a such way, that the setup was optimized in a very high level.”

Michael Newiger - International Showdesigner


“Fast and uncomplicated help and assistance”

Chrystoph Byl



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