Different effects   79
Pyro Points   100000
Licence   Pro
Positions   64
Different Angles   32
Script Lines / Cues   4640 / 1676

Theme: An Out-Of-Body Experience

Watch fireworks as you’ve never before with this fully immersive pyromusical, stuck right in between reality and fantasy. It’s not a dream and not a hallucination either, this time it’s an EDM induced Pyro “Out-Of-Body Experience”.

Judging Criteria

Category Description Percentage
Overall Impact What was the overall impression of the show?
Was the show interesting, engaging, compelling, moving?
Design / Script Did the design include a variety of firing patterns?
Was the show creative, containing new or innovative elements?
Use of products Did the show contain a variety of high-quality effects?
Were the effects realistic?
Did the size and volume of effects fit the music soundtrack?
How was the use of color? Were the colors coordinated and complimentary with scenes?
Music score Did the soundtrack help to convey the theme of the show?
Was the soundtrack editing well executed? Were the transitions natural and seamless?
Did the soundtrack include multiple tempos such as slow/fast, calm/energetic?
Scenery How did the show fit within the scenery or location?
Did the show make use of at least 1 model (Pro)? Google Maps imagery (Pro)?
Background images, landscape features, water (Hobbyist/Pro)?
Title/Theme & Description Did the show include a title or theme?
Did the show include a description or synopsis?
Was the theme evident and well depicted in the show?