Pyro Budget   97010
Different effects   65
Positions   23
Different Angles   39
Script Lines / Cues   3090 / 1071
Theme: —

My design is based on a very representative place of our culture, Teotihuacán México..Teotihuacan. It is the city of the Gods, the city where the Mexica settled, in it we can find the pyramid of the I am and the pyramid of the moon.
I decided to do my project starting with a short tour from the pyramid of the moon, crossing the causeway of the dead, until reaching the pyramid of the sun, there the show begins.
I was inspired by it when I had a dream as a child, which was to perform a fireworks show in the pyramid of the sun, every time I visit that place, it comes to my memory that day.
My project begins with a melody according to the choice of my model and ends with a song called “Huapango de Moncayo.” Song considered as the second national anthem for its beauty and representativeness.

Without further mention, I hope you like it. Mexico remains with open arms to receive you and you can visit this place full of magic and culture.