Pyro Budget   97457
Different effects   79
Positions   52
Different Angles   315
Script Lines / Cues   3264 / 1115
Theme: Symphony of light: A Pyro musical Show

• 1 tier – Positions (17 positions): This are the positions which will cater for advanced comet and mine patters such as fans point inward, multi position fans, multi position fans pointing in to up and much more, for certain scenarios where music requires a very fast tempo and an excess of 9 flash pots are to be used these are sometimes also placed in these position to get the desired running light effect.

  • 2 tier – Front (9 positions): Like the previous tier, these positions will host small calibre effects such as comets, mine, flash pots, girandolas, gerbs, etc. Each position is equipped with fans which can form independently of other positions in this tier (unlike does in tier 1 which form patterns by having multiple positions fire together or in a sequence).


  • 3 tier – Tower (15 positions). This tier is what we call a tower. Normally what is used is a metal structure such as a construction tower crane which positions are then attached to it. Position 1 to 15 can work both independently and dependently with each other to form effects. Position 15 which is the top of the tower is also equipped with a 360° fan from which multiple effects also seen in this show such as 3 prints and effects can be shot from.


  • 4 tier – High Calibre Shells (5 positions). Any aerial effects such as patterns and peony are all shot from these 5 positions.