Pyro Budget      99677
Different effects    64
Positions   71
Different Angles   97
Script Lines / Cues   2120 / 795


Playlist :

1 – Andy Garcia & Barbatuques – Beautiful Creatures

2 – Lucenzo – Kenza Farah – Obsession

3 – Antonio Vivaldi – The Storm

4 – Trans Siberian Orchestra – Wizards in Winter

The show I submit to the contest depicts the cycle of the seasons and so is divided in four parts.

The first part, spring, is about the renewal of life, the birth of flowers and animals, so it’s full of light colors and swift moves.

The second part, summer, tells the story of a boy meeting a girl and falling in love. You will see the courtship dance of the boy and the answer of the girl.

The third part, fall, is trying to convey the quiet beauty of nature in that season of the year, a beauty enhanced by the threat of incoming winter storms.

The last part, winter, will be depicted in cold colors, but not in a sad mood, as we can find much beauty and fun in that season.