Pyro Budget   96367
Different effects   55
Positions     99
Different Angles     139
Script Lines / Cues   2296 / 995

Beyond Tomorrow” – a consideration of the state of the world today with hopes that we will have a better situation someday in the future.

Description: This show is set in the venue of La Ronde – Montreal. This venue was chosen because the competition in Montreal for decades has given us some of the most beautiful, complex and innovative shows, and it seemed like a good opportunity to try to capture some of the magic in a digital setting. La Ronde, with all its different ramps and surroundings is a very challenging “real life”-setting for this competition. The scenery included the famous Ferris Wheel in addition to the small lake, the river and the city in the background.

Please also note that I’ve included a little “easter egg” – a simulation of a typical “mishap”: an angled comet hitting the arch of the “Catapulte” attraction.

The camera animation mimics the movements of a camera drone and shows different perspectives of the show and surroundings.


  • Pink Floyd – “High Hopes”

  • Woodkid – “Run Boy Run”

  • E.S.Posthumus – “Unstoppable”