Pyro Budget      91945
Different effects    72
Positions   85
Different Angles   168
Script Lines / Cues   3395 / 1365

Pyrotechnics is art; in my country she has been transferring her knowledge from one generation to another.
Now is the opportunity for our generation to introduce technology and mix it with what our parents have already built.
In this pyromusical design, the FINALE FIREWORKS 3D software occupies an indispensable tool that gives us the freedom to express ourselves and capture our imagination in each and every design, since we can visualize a great variety of effects through video, as well as through our pyrotechnic work bring them to reality.
In the design that you make you can see the effects that the company has, so try not to lose the essence and that at some point if it were required to be able to do it and that this was the closest thing to what was already seen in the video. Looking for a mix of music that will have highs and lows, in this way create an encounter of emotions.
I find it interesting to highlight that in these times they allow us to continue doing what we like to do by creating an event like this and to continue innovating more and more together in this FINALE FIREWORKS 3D AND xxxxxxx.