Pyro Budget      96086
Different effects     113
Positions    59
Different Angles   139
Script Lines / Cues   2770 / 1067

The show consists of 4 musical pieces, the first and last of my choice and the second and third by instructions.
A Mexican will always be proud of his country and its history, this is how I expressed it in the most emblematic place in Mexico and one of the seven wonders of the world (Chichén Itzá). This is how my show begins, with a very characteristic theme of the Mayan culture following the musical notes of the instruments that existed in those times and always using the colors of the flag, green, white and red. To dismiss this first musical theme, a plume appears from Moctezuma who was the king of the Aztecs, it did not have to do directly with the Mayans but I did not want to leave behind all those cultures that Mexico has, these being the most important the Aztecs and Mayans. The second theme song is somewhat more elegant and to enjoy the music, representing more serious colors and effects as the music conveys. The third most rhythmic theme to the beat of the piano notes. The last theme is something very representative of the most current Mexico, something that makes us Mexicans always dance, the theme of Pérez Prado has been passed down from generation to generation and that is what they inherited from me, that's why I wanted to represent many colors already that represent the joy of that song and of our Mexican parties. This is Mexico, from its culture to its festivals.