Pyro Budget    99360
Different effects     30
Positions    179
Different Angles   40
Script Lines / Cues   2145 / 679
Theme: The story of crossing light

While the world is divided due to the influence of the Covid-19, we expressed the beauty of the
“connection” between people by “HANABI” which transcend language, culture and history.
“HANABI” means fireworks in Japanese.
All over the world, the impact of coronavirus has canceled so many “HANABI” shows and the
culture is at stake. That is why, we think that we could show “HANABI” freely and can connect
peoples heart in this virtual world.
The first part , we express people’s dreams and hopes with various shapes and colors of
fireworks centered around with beautiful and delicate craftmanship of Japanese art “HANABI”
On the second part , we drew how “HANABI” gradually spread throughout the city, forming a
big swell and connecting people which finally forms the world.
We wish in the future where the world will be reconnected like this “HANABI” show which
spreads across buildings, ferris wheel, bridges, and towns.